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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Go Go United!

2-0 , man utd gonna be beat the hell of lyon 2nite :) Good news in advance to all man utd fan all over the world. I'm not feeling very well today , have some problem with my nose and being a concern human being, I excuse myself from going to hospital today. ( of course with the permission from Doctor!) In our hospital, docs are more scared to running nose patients compared to the HIV +ve patients. Flu could be easily be infected thru air , a simple gentle sneezing would do just fine :) Yeah, flu sound so harmless - however , once u had it - ur life become so miserable. So, that's y i think it's for the best I dont come to class today! :P

8th of march is coming real soon :) Well, it's not the general election i'm gonna talk about , it's the women day for crying out loud. I really wonder why they choosed 8th of march out of 365 other days in 2008 to held this general election? No more respect for women is it? Sigh ... Nonetheless, it would be a very good excuse for men to put this women day aside !!! If we look it in the diff view :P hahaha... So, to all women in Malaysia , no hard feeling should all the men around you forgot to give u flower on that very day! hahaha :) - unfortunately for me , I cant use that excuse here ...

Urm, what's new about me ? Well, my SPA interview will be on 12 March , next week. I need to get all my certs ready - again. Cant remember where did I hide it last time. The plan was to take all the interviewers out for dinner before my interview day. But, the fact that it's not them who'll decide where will I be posted in the future - there's no point of going thru all the trouble. Not that I'm dying to be posted to any particular place anyway. Nonetheless - I'm still hoping that I'll get the hospital I'm choosing. Wow... I hate to talk about this. The thought that I'll be leaving my student's life real soon - really not so exciting. To be in real life - working my ass , day in day out - ouuuccchh.. that's suck! hahhaha... I'm such a baby rite! Anyway, I was a bit free this morning - I made this special poster, pledging to all of u out there!
hahahha... this is so humiliating rite :) But since I'm still a student , I'm entitled to diff type of donations and all the help the world could offer :P . Money back guaranteed should I didnt graduate this summer!!! :)


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

nahhhh => 50sen
ckup x for ur graduation tuh

hans flu ek...same wif z aaa
z os flu, very freaking hate it
cnie ujan nonstop..dats y aa kene flu :(

yayyyy!!! ManU menang lagik ek
neh yg bangga sgt being in dat "RED" fans...hakhakhak.

mummysyafie said...

nan..cantik gambo ngan bunga tu..nak jadi mat mungeee yee..

ala..akak tak minat MU..minat chelsea..kukukuku

ann said...

hannan.. congratulations, Man U won..

elynagriffin said...

hey hannan,

ur idea is kinda cute. my suggestion is that just list things that you might need or you would love to have (i.e cufflinks, socks, handkerchief, bussiness suit,etc)and your postal address. who knows someone might be interested to give u something?hehe

this is behind u :)hehe

[LADYKiKi] said...

=) happy untuk u ahh.. Man U won!!

aiyakk..!! sudah flu eh.. adoiii..kang jgn lupa ubat segalatau..takpun.. hanx kasi je hidu bau kopi..sure hilang flu dlm 1 hari..[ tips dari alien] hahahha

pstt..psttt.. nak munga ros putih? =D

Lord Budak said...

Glory Glory Man United

Glory Glory Man United

We did it again.

cepotet said...

kat sini cam tak pemes pun women day tu. tak besh btol!

Hannan said...

zie - thank u dear... 50 posen pon duit jugak.. asalkan ikhlas :P

yeah.. always proud to be UNITED fan

Hannan said...

mummysyafie - ehehehe , sayalah raja bunga :P

Hannan said...

elyna - this is the best idea i heard so far, thanks dear :) coming rite away!

Hannan said...

lordbudak - yes... another win for us!

Hannan said...

Kiki - nanti han belikan bunga utk kiki ek :)

mummysyafie said...

leh jadi doc munge pas ni kan