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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it's not over yet :)

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me. The tense and the stress - added to the extreme exhaustion. Nonetheless, it's over now. Time for the celebration rite? hahaha. Yeah, some of my dear readers asked me what I'm gonna do for the celebration. Honestly speaking, the celebration has started 6 years ago and has been going on "non-stop" ever since :P. hahahha.. The ugly truth is - this is just a beginning to another chapter of my life. The H.O story. Yeah, it's gonna be hideous and I'm not very much looking foward it. There are thousands of scary H.O stories u can hear from the doctors and nurses. Those are the never ending stories and will be added up as time goes by. But, for the moment - let's just forget about the internship part and enjoy the moment rite? The suck part will come later either I like it or not. So, might just as well cheerish this moment to the fullest. My mood is over the roof and u can see me smiling from the moon ( if u happen to be on the moon at this moment )

Let's forget about this "real doctor" stuff for the timebeing and let's talk about the LOVE :) Yes, one of the main event in LOVE is the break up :P Indeed . I've been there for quite a few times and those were the times I wish I never need to go thru again... EVER! Nevertheless, it's not us to decide... those are God's decision rite. But, here are a few tips to make a clean break. Well, the most famous one is " well... it's not u , it's me... bla bla bla. " This one is pretty much world wide proven as the best break up line.

However - no matter how u express it , make sure that u emphasize about ur undying affection and gratitude for the time u spend together ,coupled with ur need for space to find out who u really are. This is the best diplomatic way to end a relationship :P . It's a lot of crap ( so does diplomatic) ... which is understood by both side.

Yes, I'm too free rite now that's why I'm writing about this stuff. I wish we all dont have to go thru this process in our life. But , shit happens rite :)

p/s - if she cries , hold her in ur arm - whisper to her that it's what best :P

crap crap and another crap.... hehehhee.... no worry - my for shida is endless!


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

Wahhh...gaya wambut atomen lagik nampak encem looking la dearr
**elehhh..kembang aaa montot tuh org puji..hahaha :P**

Hans..if ler kan
IF ler ever a guy tell me this => "'s not U, It's me....blablabla"

OF COURSE pastuh terlambang BODYGLOVE nyer trademark tepat di tengah2 muke die....grrrrr **haha**

hah!!! bani2 le guys out there
messing wif my heart
garang neh taw...ekekekee


Mummy Hanny said...

no worry about HO stuff dear. it'll be just in a blink of eyes. but u'll learn a lot. set aside the bad things, and welcome the best part of it.

ahaks. that's definitely the best break-up line EVER! tried that once!

mummysyafie said...

untunglah shida dapat hannan ni kan..

Hannan said...

zie - the otomen is back!

hehehe... mak aih.. ganas tu.. siap2 nak tumbuk lagi yer cik zie kite ni.. careful guyss... dont mess with Zie!

Hannan said...

kak fatin - thanks a lot for the tips... tutup mata , tutup telinga selama 2 tahun la saya lepas ni...

Hannan said...

hehehee.. saya yg untung nye :p

Mrs. Sheikh said...

dua2 beruntung,.saling melengkapi seperti sepatutnya kan?? :)

happy for you nan!

pearlEJ said...

hehehehe.. sape yg untung sebenarnya nehh?? alaaaaa dua2 pun sama2 untung laaa Han... Ida untung dpt Han n Han pun untung dpt Ida.. haaa.. :D

Anonymous said...

been there, done that! ;P

mummysyafie said...

dua dua lah untung nye..kalau takmo untung gak..akak lah untung leh tak