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Friday, March 28, 2008

Stories of my life

What's the rule? There's no rule! Hehhee... Yeah, that's just me. Stubborn, head strong, rebellious - that's all me. Those are the attributes that bring me up here and the same attitude caused me a lot of troubles at the same times. Me, as a stubborn child - there's nothing to argue about that. U could ask my mom to confirm it! Raising me up wasnt and isnt an easy task. SALUTE to my mama n papa. I still remember, 7 years ago - 3 month before the SPM examination , I was hospitalized due to my asthma attack. I fainted during one of the mock test. Then, I promised my mom that I'll never play basketball again until the SPM is over to avoid another asthma attack. HOWEVER, me being stubborn and crazy the same time , 2 month before the SPM , I captained my team to win the national level competition - and my parent didnt know about that until now (FYI , I was studying at the boarding school)

Nonetheless, GOD did work in a very mysterious way. On the final day of the basketball tournament , I was informed that I won the essay writing competition , state level and I had to go to the prize giving ceremony. But, I couldnt care less about the essay award since the basketball trophy meaned a lot more to me. It so happened that my mom was one of the invited guest for the same ceremony which I was supposed to attend and get my prize for my winning essay. I asked my junior to attend the ceremony and took the prize for me while I was playing the final match. On the final match, we won the game and I got my dream trophy. So, technically - I won 2 medal at the same day on 2 different occasion. But, the story didnt end here.

A week later, my parent came to visit me at the school and my mom mentioned that she heard my name was announced as the essay writing winner. I told my mom that I didnt know that I won the 1st place, therefore I asked a fren to go and received it on my behalf. Should I knew that I got the 1st place, I would have been there. Then my mom was like.. "owh.. is that so.. nevermind then , I was just suprised to hear ur name being announced as the winner and I was more suprised to see another ppl who turned up for it" ...

Sorry Mom, I didnt mean to lie to you. I was just a kid back then, and until today, I'm still a kid. My stubborn attitude does caused me a lot of troubles - until this very moment. I might get lucky in some cases, but most of the time , I ended up hurting myself or the people around me. When I look again about that day, I could have encountered another asthma attack and it would have disrupted my preparation for the SPM and I wouldnt be here now. I did a lot of silly and stupid mistakes and luckily I have my parent ,my loved one and my frens to bail me up in a few occasion. However, I do realize that I might ran out of luck soon. There were times , I'm just uncontrolable. How I wish I could be a better person. I need a change ,it's about time and I'm working hard toward it... and I'm trying my best..


mummysyafie said...

degil² anak mak pun dah jadi doktor kan..for sure parents nan bangga

pssst..benda kat leher tu leh sourvenior kat ahkak tak..nak bagi dorongan kat anak² suh jadi doktor gak..ngeh..ngeh..

[LADYKiKi] said...

hahah~ akhirnya hun berjaya gak..
hikhik even dulu presiden dak degil2.. hahh

ehh.. ix bila tuh..nampak sudah berjaya menurunkan berat bdn je... hikhii bangga la tuh..

bagus2x.. kalo tak berjaya gak.. meh jumpa kiki nanti kiki uruskan.. ahhaha

W1 said...

i was just browsing through, but this comment caught my eye...hahahhahahahahhahaha..
good one! - leedwi

mummysyafie said...

budak degil ni dah nak balik m'sia arrr...balik ngan segulung ijazah nyer kalau jadi budak degil tapi bijak!