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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Isn't it a wonder?

I dont really want to write about the current politic situation in Malaysia here because I know I'm just a student and the government is still paying for my studies here. Nonetheless - I honestly think that at this very moment - the Malaysia government isnt the best that we could do. It's suck but it's actually the ugly truth. Like it or not , u have to agree with this. I'm not saying that I'm an anti government - but I reckon that the government could have do a bit of improvement here and there. Really hope that the new cabinet could bring those changes. Even thou I'm living far far away from home - I do keep my eyes open on what happening in Malaysia :) Plus , what happened in Terengganu today, really concerned me. The same thing happened in Perak 2 weeks ago and Lim Kit Siang got smashed really badly. How I wish that our dear citizen has a tougher stand on the exact same situation :P

However - this is just my 2 cents. Nothing new and I believe a lot of ppl have written about the same thing also :P If u r wondering about my political stands of the 2 big party in Malaysia today - my diplomatic answer would be " both side have some valid points and it's worth hearing". That's all and I choose to stick to that until the day that me myself would run for the election. ( which will not happen )


Mrs. Sheikh said...



p/s: gaji i gomen bayar seehh!!!

nieja said...

ala..xsmpat nak jadi 1st!!!whahahaha..

waliz said...

hannan...Fence sitter huh? but i'm sure when u come home u will know which one to side..hehehe...miss ya!

mummysyafie said...

aiyok..isu kerajaan ni semakin panas la..takleh nak bagi komen lelebih..sbb gomen bayar gaji ahkak tau