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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jonas Brothers

These are the new kids on the block :) Yeah, I just found out about them. I've been listening to their song (SOS Real) for quite sometimes. In fact, this particular song has been on air on the radio for quite some times. They are called the Jonas Brothers. These kids are still young but they really can sing very well I have to admit. Nonetheless, I'm not gonna promote their album here since I myself downloaded their song thru the LIMEWIRE. Why pay more rite? Hahhaha.. being a typical malaysian here. Want the best for free :)

No new photos of me, or my surrounding. More photos from the interview day. I'm not kinda person who bring my digicam 24/7 where ever I go. The photo above - was before the interview. Cant even SMILE at all! hahaha... The photo below , was after the interview :) SMILE SMILE and SMILE!

Man utd is playing Bolton tonite, that explain the early update from me today :) Tomorrow supposedly - is a day off for our university. It's called the Science Day or the Piragov's Day. ( Piragov is the man who found my university - The Russian State Medical University) Well, actually the real deal about this science day is that all students are supposed to go to the university and listen to all the conferences about the latest science researches. Unfortunately, not many students are interested in it. Not very suprising I have to say. So, let's see what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Previous year, I actually attended the conference :)


nieja said...


Mrs. Sheikh said...

nice tie...
nice hair..
for nice man...:)

p/s: tie tu cantikkkkkkkk

Anonymous said...

juz nk say..
congrat ya dr hannan

p/s: nti blk mlsia try r jd model..ehehehe

Hannan said...

Nieja :)
hehehe... thank you...! nanti kite kasi hadiah... aiskrim conetto satu ek@!

Hannan said...

mrs sheikh - cantik ke?
kalau nak pinjam nanti cakap ek :P

Hannan said...

thank you dear Nemo!
jadi model?
adoiii sape la yang giler nak ambik i ni... :P

mummysyafie said...

nan..senyum ngan tak senyum tu macam sama je nan...macam takde feeling..huhuhuhuhu...jgn mare ye :P

mummysyafie said...

yep..pernah tengok kump ni dalam v channel