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Sunday, November 22, 2009


remember when we were kids and our parents kept reminding us to work hard?

I guess my parents wish has been granted!

Gosh.. I cant remember my last day without work...
HOME? just a place to sleep
it looks more like a sunken pirate ship!
I desperately need a bloody maid..

Gosh... dream does come true..
I need to reorganize my life..
my daily schedule..
it's really hectic
people around me kept wondering how do i live...

i forgot about living my life when i see money coming in..

but it doesnt always like that
when u used to have money..
and during this time around..
the rainy season and most of the ppl havent get their salary for 2 months
business isnt doing that good lately.
gave me a total headache.

being a doctor alone is real headache
plus being a cafe owner...
double the headache
just hoping that i get double the money in return


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