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Sunday, November 15, 2009

getting used to it!

i've finished downloading this movie for days, but still couldnt find the time to watch it yet!

occay, back to my story at the the paediatric ward! i think i'm getting used to those cute little creatures!

being at the ward, made me realize, how lucky was I, to be able to grow up without any chronic disease...

and those kids, with all the chronic illness, - they are still able to smile, laugh...
gosh.. it's a lot easier if u dont understand what kind of problem u r facing

being a a blessing..

I wish I could be a kid again...
although some ppl said that I'm still a kid..
yeah, i might act like one sometimes..
but deep down inside...

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Aida, Danish & Batrisyia said...

Salam Dr.Han,
Saya ada sdikit kemusykilan, klau ada masa tolong jelaskan. Saya ada masalah tekanan darah rendah dan bila minum teh hijau kepala rasa pening. Boleh tolong jelaskan tak kenapa & boleh tak saya teruskan minum teh hijau? Terima kasih banyak-banyak.