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Monday, November 02, 2009

to rush... or not to rush

for those who know me...
God knows how much I want thing to get done..
I want everything... PRONTO!
it can be good at times...
and sometimes.. it's annoying..
and could lead to a foolish act..

those 3 complications.. happened a lot in my life
but luckily for me... out of the 3... most of the result .. are good results.. so far

Nonetheless... that's something inside me..
which I need to change if I want to be a better person...
I need to be more calm.. more passionate in everything I'm doing..

Sometimes, we dont realiaze..
all day long... all year long...
we just want everything " to be over it..."
we cant wait to go back home from work..
cant wait to go to bed...
we just cant wait...

and out of a day..
what do we get?
a tiring day at work..
lots of problem...
and if we r lucky... good sleep

I had that problem
yeah.. make my life - meaningless..
woke up everything - wanting the day to be over with..
just cant wait to back to bed yet...

I want to cheerish my life
cheerish my job..
cheerish everything...
and hopefully..
i'll be a better person

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Ini la realiti kehidupan..huhu..
Masa berlalu begitu singkat..
Saya pun rasa mcm dah takde life..
Hari2 pk pasal keje je..hoho..
Sangat busan skali...

Tapi saya tau, u sure can do it!..:D