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Saturday, October 24, 2009

i'm back

I'm back.
hopefully I'll be back for long
dont have much time to write lately
been busy with my day job as a doctor
and my evening job as a bistro owner
bloody hell.. it was damn tiring

Now that my bistro is wifi ready,
I hope that my blog will be alive again
we'll see
I miss u all a lot..
damn a lot!


Mrs.Sheikh said...

takpelah nan..busy utk kebaikan..
untuk masa depan juga kan..
lately ni semua busy sokmo..
btw, kite dah jumpe Dr.sheikh :P
he coming to Labuan rabu lepas.
sangat2 teruja. and a lots of gambar!!! :)

vagg. said...

good to see u back, bro.