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Saturday, October 31, 2009

pernah ku mecintaimu...tapi x begini...

my wallpaper...

lesson to be learned

a tip for new doctors on how to be a good houseman/intern

1. keep ur mouth shut!
2. be a nerd, do as u r ordered by the bosses!
3. unless u r damn good ( knowledgable ) about that disease - dont try to act smart... u gonna make a fool of urselves
4. if u dont know... say " I dont know"
5. if u got scold / screw up by ur senior - take it easy... they r not the one who pay ur salary...

yup... me is considered as a senior houseman at the hospital... and I learned a lot on how to survive as a houseman.
shut the f*** up at most of the time in front of ur bosses... and u'll do just fine.
talk less and just finish the damn job!

I'm very stressed out rite now.. very very...

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