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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

merokok itu HARAM?

an honest question from a non muslim friend ..
" adakah merokok itu haram?'

well, if it's up to me.. i would say it's haram
even kelantan chief minister said that merokok itu haram...
there is a poster somewhere in the hospital..
a petition signed by all physician , cardiologist , consultant - all on term agreeing that smoking is HARAM in Islam..

coz it's hazardous , and it kills u.. and people around u..

a true story at my clinic today...

a lady came to see me for a pre operative assessement.
she's planned for some ENT operation next month.

as she sat on the chair at my desk,
i took a glance at her chest x ray ,
then i asked her... " mak cik , husband makcik perokok ke.. "
and she replied .." he just died 2 months ago due to lung cancer "

yes , if ur spouse is a chronic smoker..
u are likely to have the same complication..
the smoke from his cigaratte... most of them inhaled by people around them..
so , the wives are the usual victim of the situation..

yes i would say merokok is haram.
those who want to get married ,
dont marry a perokok..
if u r looking for a son in law...
make sure he doesnt smoke
or daugther will pay the price in the future...


Ruh mata Aini said...

salam, may i share this entry in my blog? i'll put ur link as credit.

Hannan said...

sure thing aini :)
thank you

.filzah. said...

couldn't agree more! Alhamdulillah my fiance is not a perokok.

.filzah. said...

eh, i also want to publish this post to my blog. can i?

Hannan said...

u r most welcome!
pls do!