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Friday, April 08, 2011

so what......he said f**k you

the world of soccer being bombarded by the news of the wayne rooney swearing on the national television

yes, he did said  something like F- you when he scored his hatrick last week when man united beat west ham ....
and for saying that on the national television ,
he was fined with 2 matches suspension
and the issue became so big  , all over the world

everyone was talking about it
even the chief of london police said he could have jailed rooney for doing that

but seriously? seriously?

just for swearing , he's the world enemy now?
some people are just too busy doing nothing
always bring up the un-important issue
and make a big fuss about that....
everyone swear ..
people do swear at certain occasion and times
u cant jail people for swearing...
it's nonesence

definitely it's not a good example for the kids out there
and we dont want our kid to swear here and there
but it's not a crime...
people just love making stupid issue

same thing is happening in our country..

in the bloody "PARLIMEN"
all the smart ass YB are so busy talking about the "SEX videos"
we dont elect u to talk about that in the "PARLIMEN"
u supposed to talk about "RAKYAT"
how to help us..
how to deal with the increasing oil price..
not about setting up royal commision ...
that thing would cost thousand of ringgit
there are "rakyat" out there who cant afford to eat everyday
and our YBs are busy talking about sex video in the bloody "parlimen"


laylie mdnoor said...

yup I agree with you Dr. We as rakyat hate that kind of issues, its nothing rather than talking about rakyat's problem. There are so many things out there to be focus on. stop from discussing crap issues

Wanybunny said...

agree! what a shame.

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