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Thursday, April 14, 2011

my open letter to the prime minister

Dear Prime minister
let me start here with a big salute to u...
u manage to rule the country for quite sometimes
and i reckon our country is doing quite well actually
people are still alive , no wars , inflation is under control
and no nuclear plant is being built so far

as a government worker
i'm happy to have a leader like you

but as a doctor
i would to pin point a few little thing that u might have overlooked
during ur current administration

as all my readers understood
i hate smoker
i hate cigarettes in general
as a doctor , this is our biggest enemy

i'm not denying , smoking cigarettes is one of the famous hobby / past times among our malaysian
everyone smokes.... the politician , the police , even people who works at the hospital

nevertheless , everyone is in denial state when it comes to this problem
nobody likes to see their children smoke cigarette ...
hell - some parent would beat their kids when they found out their kids do smoke cigaratte
but then ... is that all we can do..
try to prevent the kids from smoking?

Mr Najib...
do u realize , how much cigaratte has costed our country financially...
we have free health support - which is good and i salute u for that
but then ....
a lot of the money dedicated for health of our citizen
is used to treat diseases caused by smoking cigarattes
a disease that we caused ourselves..
the lung cancer... the chronic lung disease... COPD...
cost hundred of million a year to treat these people..
the amount of chemotheraphy  needed to treat the lung cancer patients...
u should have know better Mr Najib

yes i know , our country gained a lot from Malboro and Dunhill for the taxes
but then... is it worth it...

therefore ,
i would to suggest to u ... to ban cigaratte in Malaysia...
MR NAJIB.. if u do proposed this issue at the parliament..
i promise u , i'll vote for u for the rest of my life

but , until then... 


sekhrazi said...

A nice one! It's better that the gov get the money from tax payers than the cigarattes companies. to ensure that the citizen is still alive to vote them because the company cannot give a vote.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

smoke e-cigarette instead! :P

Shut said...

Im a non smoker and fully agree with what you're doing. But its too idealistic bro.

If you reckon that Tobacco VAT is one our nation biggest contributor. This situation is like- ditelan mati mak diluah mati bapak.

But thumbs up for trying.

Wahidah said...

nice one...kalo ade open letter ne...wai nak jadik org first yg turunkan signature...

Blogger said...

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