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Thursday, April 07, 2011

am i getting old?

man united won last night ,
in ur face carlo ancellotti!

last night was not about man united winning after all ,
last night was the first time for the past 2 years i managed to stay awake from 3 am to 5 am
to watch football!
hooray for me..

all these while ,
i thought i was getting old
i needed to sleep early everyday to wake up early everday for work

i remember when i just started working..
it was always late night dinner...
12 midnite was like an eventful afternoon for me
3 am was my usual good nite hour
then woke up every morning at 7 am ..
with a sleepy face went to work everyday...

not that i want to get back to that crazy routine again
nowdays ,
i slept at 11 pm ,
woke up at 6 am
it does sound very good and responsible
and boring as well
but it's how life supposed to be..
night time is time for rest

but once a while ,
i hope u could always stay awake when man utd is playing important matches!

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