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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moscow Beach Volleyball

Little to my knowledge that there is a beach volleyball court at the park :) We went for a picnic yesterday and han brought the volleyball ball along. Then, after eating we decided to go and play volleyball. I knew that there's a volleyball court somewhere at the park , but I didnt know that it was the beach volleyball court. We were so hyped and really had a lot of fun. A group of russian came and join us for the game too. What a lovely day out.I'm extremely tired now. After having played the beach volleyball under the sun and cold windy breeze in the evening , I went for basketball training later on last nite . Now , as I woke up in the morning - I have all kind of aches all over my body now. Just found out that beach volleyball is a really tiring game. It's NOT easy to run on the beach sand and it's pretty tricky. Plus, the sunshine added the extra fatigueness. Anyway, enjoy the photos!
Our team against the russian team. Well, we lost coz that was our 1st beach volleyball game :P hehehehe.. next time babe! We'll be back!
" that wasnt me serving the ball - just catching the ball " Our team did the jumping serve.... :PLeeLee won the fair play award while her bf watching from far ( with another girl! - it was Por to be exact)
The blonde in the red shirt was checking my ass.... damn..
"Where's the ball.. where's the ball? " .... and we lost... :P


wénkt said...

yeah no 1

[LADYKiKi] said...

ehh saye sukaaaaaa... sukan ni..

ashterix said...

frust aku!
i'm hoping to see the girls in bikini ... dang! :P

Hannan said...

wenkt -keep up the good work boy...!

Hannan said...

sirman _
hehehe.. nak ke?
bisa diuruskan bro
jgn kasi tau itu mem merah yer..

Hannan said...

kiki - jom dtg moscow n main sama2!

mummysyafie said...

main voley ball pakai jeans ke nan? moscow punya sytle iyer :)

pearlEJ said...

lenkali pakai laa pakaian mcm betul2 yg derang pakai time main volleyball neh... baru syokkk.. kakakaka..