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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Champions Festival Moscow 08 - 19 May

As the sun was shining today at 8.00 pm the MAN UTD team had landed on moscow ! They are finally here. However, since it's pretty impossible to go to the airport and wait for the team to arrive ( the security was extra tight ! , no point going there! ) - the next best thing to do is to visit the champions festival at the kremlin! We went straight to the kremlin from the hospital earlier this evening. Luckily there were not as much ppl as there were on sunday and saturday. But the que to see the trophy was damn long..... I need to go there again - this time to take a closer look at the famous champions league trophy!

Welcome MAN UTD and CHELSEA! What a perfect timing for this historical champions league final. On my final year in europe and it's happening in moscow - I can hardly ask for more. ( Well, it would be better if I have the ticket to go and watch the match LIVE at the Luzniki stadium this wednesday! ) . No big deal thou - I'm sure the will be a big screen here ( at the kremlin ) to show the match LIVE and the atmosphere at the kremlin itself should be just great!
Cristiano Ronaldo - the Man! I hope he'll score the winning goal during the final. He pretty much scored in every game he played this year. 41 goals in all competition , for a winger - it's such a great achivement. The best part is - he's still damn young! Hope he could mantain his spectacular performance in the future! forever UNITED!!!!Me n Dr Syu :) Yes - she's my senior in moscow and she's already a doctor now. Came back to moscow just to watch the game Live. She's damn lucky to have the ticket for the final match ! Unfortunately, she's chelsea fan.... sigh..

my fellow fren from MMA - chun lin:) also a final year student! Technically, the champions festival is full of malaysians! Yeah, just go there - anytime , I bet u'll meet at least a group of malaysian at this time. Lots of free stuffs were given away at this festival! How could malaysian ( including me! ) miss that rite.... :P

More photos coming soon.... let's the game begin!


Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehehe cant miss you anywhere :) Where's our pictures? I want to post on mine, thanks!

Now the debt's cleared. Would you have preferred the lap dance? LOL

mummysyafie said...

dr shu tu lawa la nan..macam kavitha kaur lak