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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


4 more hours to the kick off of the biggest match of this year! Well, maybe this is the best champions league final ever! I could hardly wait. The weather in moscow rite now - is a bit gloomy. The heavy rain just ended and the sky looks a bit clearer compared to early this morning. Even thou it's gonna rain tonite during the match, I'm sure i wont cause too much trouble to the players since most of the games played in UK - accompanied by rain.
I queed up for 2 hours ( maybe more ) just to take a closer look of this trophy! Hopefully it will fly back to manchester tomorrow morning... I believe it will! Definitely Maybe!
Final Moscow 2008 scarf. I was quite suprised that it was made in UK. Usually these kind of stuff are made from China , or thailand! Gonna wear the scarf to watch the match tonite... Glory glory MAN UTD

DUE TO THE SAFETY REASON - NO BIG SCREEN FOR TONITE GAME at the fan fest. Yup, UEFA has decided to ban all big screen after what happened in Manchester last week. Thanks to british hooligans, the rest of the world have to pay for the consequence! Big riot/fight happened in manchester last week after the uefa cup final - causing a lot of damages and injury to the fans. Therefore - no big screen in moscow. However, u can watch the match in big screen at the bars and the pubs. No problemo - just no fan fest... what a turndown...

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