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Friday, May 09, 2008

Victory Day

Who's this cute little baby ? If u do remember , I did write about this little boy here sometimes ago. He's my baby nephew Umar Alamgir and he has his own blog now. Well, he's not the one writing it of course - the mother does ( my sister in law) Therefore - I would like to invite everyone to take a peek at his blog! Click Click Click!
As I wrote yesterday - today is a public holiday for Russian Federation as a celebration for the Victory Day. Ok - what the heck is the Victory Day? Victory Day ( in Russian День Победы ) marks the capitulation ( surrendering ) of Nazi Germany to the USSR in the World War 2 commonly referred to in the USSR as the Great Patriotic War. This capitulation was signed late in the evening on May 8 1945 ( May 9 in the Moscow time zone), following the original capitulation Germany signed earlier to the joint Allied forces. The Soviet government announced the victory early on May 9 after the signing ceremony in Berlin....... bla bla bla... boringgggg

Well - in short , today - u'll see a lot of the WW2 soldiers walking around the city wearing their soldier uniform complete withe thousand of medal on the shirt. It does looked funny at times , but the russians are very proud of winning the war and they should....

Therefore , I'm thinking to spend my day off today at the victory park - where the celebration will be held. Well - actually the official victory day march will be held at the kremlin park early in the morning - but the real celebration will be held at the park pabedi ( meaning victory park ) as the park was built as remembrance of the victory day itself... lallala.... boringg again.. yes i know.. :P

If u noticed , I updated my blog quite late today. What happened was - I felt asleep quite early. I slept at 11pm last nite. I'm actually not feeling very well for the past few days and it made me very tired lately. Last time - I slept without switching off the lamp and even my laptop was still online until the next morning. Maybe I should take a good rest during this long weekend. However - there are already lots of plans made for this weekend... adoiii...


nadia yuna said...

comel baby kt ateh tu

Hannan said...

nadia -
:) hehehe... tu la pasal.. rindu nak jumpe die

nasazfrog... said...

yuhuu... lame tak masuk sini banyak perubahan.. :)

Hannan said...

:) hye nasa..
lepas ni kene selalu masuk lagi aaa.

r@tn@ said...

your baby nephew sungguh cute!!

wahh day off eh...ronggeng jgn tak ronggeng..letak la gamba marching tuh kalu ade...:D

mummysyafie said...

nanti nak gi jenguk lah blog umar tu..

ni tgh kumpul points..tamak nya makkkk