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Sunday, May 04, 2008

MASSAD dinner 2008 - part 1

I just came back home from the massad dinner. Massad dinner is actually our university annual dinner , traditionally organized by 2nd year students every year. This year, during the dinner - they made a special tribute to all the final year students ( yes , that's me! ) Really appreciate that. I enjoyed myself at the dinner. A big "well done" to the organizer ! U guys did an excellent job! There are a lot of photos taken during this event! hundreds of them. Thanks to the digital photography which made unlimited cam-whoring possible! In the photo above - from left iqbal, suren ( thanks for this photo! ), Por, Keng Yew , Me, Jeya and Han. All are final year student except for iqbal! We were waiting for the bus to go to the hotel.
Me with the final year ladies ( but Elyn! ). From left - Erina , Elyn , Me, Juani and Sue. If I take this very photo and compare it with our photo 6 years ago - I'm sure everyone will laugh like crazy to see the transformation we all been thru after all these years!
The dinner was held at the Sputnik Hotel, located at the Leninsky Prospek - not very far from my apartment. In the photo above - me and shida , han teo and leelee. LeeLee was the Massad Queen last year and last nite , she was in the final 3 too - but unfortunately , she ran out of luck this time around! No worry leelee... u have 2 more massad!

Wait for more and more photos of massad dinner on my next entry! Rite now, need to do a bit of revision for tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is sunday - a working sunday - a not so fun sunday! I need to go to the hospital tomorrow... sighh... Fun time is over, back to business.. study .. study .. study...

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