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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Faris Petra

My beloved secondary school - SMS Tengku Muhamad Faris Petra :) I had a million of lovely memories there - that was the place who teached me a lot , the place where the dreams were made and persued.

My laptop has becomed so slow lately. Well, it's a bit "aged" already , but I loved my current laptop - my acer :) Maybe not the most expensive or the most beautiful laptop one could have , but it's my 1st laptop and I love it :) However, since the hard disk is a little bit FULL - it becomes very slow and pretty much annoying. Therefore, I decided to do a little bit of cleaning up , hoping that the speed will be back to normal.
First thing first - I burned all my photos collection on the cd. During that boring+slow process - I stumbled into these few photos , my moscow memoirs. I know for the fact that - once these photos go inside the cd - I hardly see them again. These are the choosen ones. Found a few photos of me and zak. Zak is a fren of mine - we came from the same school - FARIS PETRA , and now we are studying at the same university.
10 years ago - while both of us were still busy training basketball every evening under the hot sunshine in Faris Petra - none of us would have thought of studying overseas. It seemed to be an untouchable dream . Frankly speaking , when I was in form 1 - never thought that I could be a medical student - never came across my mind that I could be one . Back then - the main target was to get 9a's in every final exams and thank God - I managed to do that since form 1. ( masuk bakul angkat sendiri sket! )
I still remember -when I was in form 2 - I was so amazed with my seniors who got 6 aggregate in their SPM. In my mind - I thought I could never do that. Then, when the teachers mentioned about the seniors who managed to get scholarship from Petronas , from PNB, from JPA n MARA to go overseas - I was just praying that my SPM result would be good enuf for me to get a JPA scholarship to do the engineering degree at the local university. It was until I got my PMR result - then I know what I wanted to be and I realized that I could be as good as my seniors.

But then , a dream itself - was just not good enuf. After a successful PMR exam - my form 4 was a bit disasterous ! The honeymoon "form 4" nearly killed my future. My academic performance took a " deep dip". I was in form 4 as I was a bit busy with my extra curricular activities and a few other non extra curricular activities which I shouldnt mention here :P . Those non academical-stuff that I did - left a big scar in my record book . I wasnt able to balance my studies and my "non-studies" . However , I was lucky to realize about it before I entered form 5. I still remembered my english language teacher , Pn Rozie - she was the one who gave me the wake up call. One afternoon , she called me into the staffroom and gave me a long lecture of how much I had changed personally and how much my studies had been affected. That was the turning point in my life. I somehow - with the helps from the teachers and my frens - managed to get myself together , resetted my mind , and focussed back on my core business - to study. I have to admit that my form 4 final year exam result wasnt as impressing as my other final year results. It kinda " too little too late" for me to save my form 4.
In form 5 - I tried so hard to get back into the "best students" list. It wasnt easy since I was still busy with my basketball team and a few other extra-co activities. I retired from the debate team to give more time for my studies at that year ( yes, I choosed basketball over debate ) Thank God, everything pretty much went well except for the part I was hospitalized for a few days during the SPM trial exam. Luckily not during the real SPM exam. During that year also ( in form 5 ) I knew that I wanted to be a doctor and I was praying to get the scholarship to futher my study oversea. Alhamdulillah .... 6 years later - here am I ... waiting for my graduation day.....
Looking back at those time - wow.... I couldnt believe that I finally ... so close to my dream of being a doctor.
That was my short story , those were the days , those were the history , my history. Not to impress anyone - but just a reminder to myself - to keep working hard , to keep struggling for my future. I had gone thru a lot to give up everything now. I have everything to lose...


She's The One said...

best baca entri ni,..
sejarah u..cita2 u..
entri penuh keazaman, iltizam,
harapan dan pengorbanan..

senyuman semanis impian!

AzAzura said...

I really like this entry of yours its about dreams and achieving it.You are one lucky guy indeed.

See you soon in Malaysia Dr Hans

xoxo kak Azura

unveiled evil plan to get famous && take over the world said...

what a sweet memoirs isnt it? =))

Anonymous said...


seronok baca entry u kali ni...memori lama mmg sangat indah bila dikenang2 balik kan?..i pun cemtu gak walaupun x dpt jd doktor..:p hehe..

aperpun, selamat maju jaya dan cepat2 dpt grad k...u antara org yg bertuah dpt futher study kat oversea..dpt merasai pengalaman yg x semua org dpt taw!!..jeles i..hahahahah...:p

pearlEJ said...

dah tak tau nk komen apa2... bla bla bla bli bli bli blu blu blu... boleh tak mcm neh??

mummysyafie said...

kena ucap terima kasih kat pn rozie tu tau..kalau tak sebab wake up call tu, nan masih khayal..hihihi...