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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aquarium for SALE!

I'm selling the aquarium above :) If u are living in moscow and would love to buy an aquarium - fully equiped - PLS contact me!
I love this aquarium very much! Costed me a bomb. But I just dont care. How I wish I could bring this thing back to Malaysia with me.. sighh... But, I just need to let it go I guess....
Like the old saying goes " Patah tumbuh hilang berganti " ( correct me if I'm wrong) - But nowdays - in most cases - it's more like " x patah pon dah cari ganti " ... har har har...

Talking about the old saying :) , for those "comic enthusiasts" - u know.. the old comics - JUARA WIRA , Alam perwira .... those were the days ones... this old saying should sound familiar " Bila keranda dibawa, baru bercucuran air mata"... rite???
When I mentioned this one to shida, she thought I made that up... I told her, it's an old saying !

One more thing, could someone explain to me what "Bitas" means ??? I "used" to know about it ... last time... but I forgot :P... refresh PLEASE :)

I just found out that my eldest bro has a blog too. Feel free to visit his blog at . Yes, his name is sukyme. Not many ppl in Malaysia have that same name :) If u google or yahoo search the name "sukyme" - all the results that come out has to do with him... Our family is very special - indeed!

Anyway, WHILE I'm busying myself studying for my FINAL - my family back home ( in Malaysia) is busy preparing for my dear cousin's wedding reception today. How I wish I could be there too. Unfortunately , I wont be able... coz I have this thing.. well , some might call is responsibility while others called it "liability" - when u combine both name - it becomes "the degree"

Heck, I dont have any idea what am I blabbing rite now. My head is spinning.. need to go to bed.... chioaaaazzzzzzzzz


[LADYKiKi] said...

amacam spanning lagi ke tak..?

wahh2x.. i like hanz pepatah...
" tak patah pun..dah cari ganti.."

tpi ni kiki nye pujangga untuk sambungan...
" apatah lagi dah patah,buat cari ganti lom memadai...kawin je 4 byk untuk jadikan bini."


AzAzura said...

it is a cute aquarium... i will check your brother's blog in a bit.For now you take care and err tak pernah I dengar proverb itu mungkin I am too old lah for the comics.

mummysyafie said...

cute aquarium tu nan..kalau lah boleh balik sini kan best..

takpe..kat malaysia ada byk lagi aquarium nan..klaquaria pun ado :P

pearlEJ said...

dah terjual ker aquarium tu?