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Friday, May 02, 2008

PFU international day

The initial today was to go to the international day at the People Friendship University (PFU). PFU is actually a special university built by the russian government to give some kind of free education to the third world country students. Therefore, there are hundreds of diff nationality students studying there. Will talk about this university in the other entry in the future.

Therefore, every 1st May - this university will organize this so called the international day as a place for the students of diff nationality - to promote their country and make some new frens. I've been there a couple of times before since the university is located nearby our university. However, this year - the crowd at that place was gigantic! Por, Suren, Han, leelee and I left our house around 2 pm and as we reached there, the line to go into the university was like the great wall on china. We cant even find the end of it.

Since me and por had our basketball training at 4 pm - we decided to skip this event and headed to the cafe. Yeah, we did take a photo ( the 1st photo ) just as a memory that we were there :P. Tried to use the back entrance - but to no avail since there were hundreds of policemen guarding the university compound. Well, u cant really blame the police - it was prevention measure from any bad incident. Someone could have just bring a bomb inside the crowd and that would have killed thousands of ppl easily.

Me, por and suren ended up at the city cafe - located at the hostel area of the PFU. I ordered just a mineral water since I'll be playing basketball in 30 mins time. Therefore, having any meal wasnt a good move for me. Yes, this bottle up here isnt a beer -unfortunately! This one is the sparkling mineral water. The russian claimed that this particular mineral water ( called Narzan) is good to prevent flu and fever. I had a mild sore throat for the past few days - let's see either this water really works or not!
owh yeah, I injured my right pinky finger during basketball practise today. Well , it actually happened to most of the basketball players. It's pretty much swollen rite now and a bit painful at times. However, I'm pretty sure that it's not broken :P Hahha.. it better not be! Last time at school , I injured my right index finger - also during basketball training. Well, a lot of beautiful memories of basketball in my dear life I guess then...


pearlEJ said...

teruk ekk bengkak?? alaaa x per, doc mesti taukan mcm mana nk ilangkan bengkak tu.. :p

mummysyafie said...

hihihi..bengkak jerr..takper arr..sikit je tu..

nan, kawan nan semua nampak sepesen erkk..

*akak tag nan tau