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Saturday, May 24, 2008

My reply

"Muss said...
bro look like u enjoy gilaa.... u from moscow university bro???? i like to warn u bro ...there a fellow name Dr Edwin Jude .... the worst ever dr produced by moscow university currently working in alor setar bro...if ur standard is like him ...u better study hard bro... else u comeback to malaysia just like pain in the ass bro other doctors hard bro ...jangan main main
May 23, 2008 11:03:00 AM"

Again, how I hate to do this. In a way, I could just delete the comment above , however - I couldnt sleep well tonite if I just leave this matter hanging unreplied.

To start with , it would be more appropriate - if u could give ur real name and contact should u want to give any statement or comment in my blog. Easier for me and the other readers to ask for affirmation and conformation should there is any "questionable" issue. For instance , like the comment above from muss - I dont know who are u? Maybe he's a doctor, maybe she's a nurse or maybe he's just a patient - no one know for sure . It would be nicer if u could identify urselves sir/madam :)

Secondly , I'm not denying that Dr Edwin was a student in moscow. Nonetheless , the performance of one graduate doesnt represent the university as a whole. Maybe the medical universities in moscow arent the best in the world and here we are studying in Russian Language instead of english. However, I believe - the graduates from moscow do have what it takes to be a doc. The universities here are recognized worldwide and FYI I'm a JPA scholar - meaning the malaysian government does recognized our university. Not saying here that we are really excellent medical students - some might be and some might not be so good. But, the main point is - I personally think that it's "unfair" to label the university based on one graduates performances.

I'm one of the JPA pioneer group here in moscow. We are the 1st group sent by the JPA to study in Russia. Hopefully, all of us will be graduating this summer and then go back to malaysia to serve the country. I have to admit, there are a lot of differences btwn malaysian n russian system and we might need a little time to get used to that. However, in general - we do have the knowledge. Needless to say here that, no matter how good u are as a student , doesnt mean that u'll be a great doctor. ( that's what Dr Natrah said before here! ) Therefore - to all doctors in Malaysia , " berikan kami tunjuk ajar , mana yang salah - harap betulkan."


Ok, next!

Maybe all u see/read from my blog are just fun and games all week long for me. Just play , write blog and no study. Honestly , what u see/know about me from reading this blog - is just 5% of me ( unless u have been reading this blog from the beginning ... )

I started writing blog with because I want to have something else to think about instead of my boring life as a medical student. Yes, being a med student is pretty much a boring job. Should I decided to write about my real daily life in every entry - it will be like this ...

"... woke up early in the morning, had shower - ate breakfast while reading some notes, took the bus , then the metro. Did some revision on the metro - until reached the hospital. Evening , went back home ... cook dinner , study then off to bed..... "

that's my real life and I know it's damn boring. The blogging part is in the middle of the studying and b4 sleep. There's no point blogging about it everyday - even me myself feel like vomiting just reading about it. Therefore - I choosed to blog about the interesting part of my life. Sometimes, should I have some free time - I went out and have a little bit of fun. That are the parts u read in my blog. The parts when I was so tensed with my exams and how difficult it's actually to be a med student - I wouldnt be bothered to blog about it anymore ( I used to blog about it last time and it was lame ) coz - blogging supposedly make me feel better and I WANT MY BLOG TO BE MY HAPPY PLACE , a place when i look at it, I could smile and forget about the "difficult" part of my life. Therefore , pls dont judge my personal life based on what u read here - it's really just a small part of me.


.layla tumaisuri. said...

hey dude.
heard bout this. it seems that your batch is really gonna take this responsibility when u'r back home later. c'mon, the pioneer batch must have been the chosen one, kan?
no doubts that your batch are waaaayyyyyyy much better than the prev one. so show them what u'v got!
let us take your batch as a role model and someone to refer to later.
all de best & gud luck!
might or might not see you guys around anymore..

take care then~

mr.identity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mr.identity said...

i m agree with u hanan...
jangan pasal seorg student slack terus blame smua student...
kitaorg study in russian language,bahasa yg susah k...term medic latin...balik msia kena translate minda kita kepada english..kena ikut malaysia medical practice yang jauh berbeza dengan rusian medical practice
clerking kena tukar bahasa juga.
sudah biasa clerking dalam bahasa rusia so tiba2 tukar kena tahu cara2 dia balik...
so bagi kami peluang..bantu laa kalau kami salah..jgn terus blame2...
gud luck and take care k...
tq sbb sudi menegur...dan berkongsi pengalaman...tq so muchh

rizhan said...

dearest young doctors

1/ dont worry - as i have mentioned before -> as a senior doctor - i have never judged a junior doctor based on their place @ country of graduation. Its individualised. What i look for for a houseman is commitment and attitude, then knowledge. I believe that if u have good commitment and attitude than you have sufficient armouries to be a good doctor. I believe that many specialists now have this kind of perception hannan (and others)...this is all i expect from u all, and i hope that we can work in a harmonious and effective relationship if we are ever put in the same hospital ....I pernah ada HO yang datang kerja lambat dari i...kalau sekali dua understandable takpe ni dua tiga kali seminggu - so yang ni memang carik pasal le...and maybe ur senior edwin tu ada similar problem i dun itule example2 dia ok.

2/ enjoy - enjoy - enjoy - enjoy masa ur student. nothing wrong with that as long as u never neglect ur responsibilities to acquire sufficient knowledge to be a doctor. I dulu masa kat NZ he he outdoor seekers and compulsive gamers hu hu - tak payahle detailkan zaman muda muda i tu he balance kena betul..dah jadi junior doctors nanti tak banyak masa nak enjoy so masa ni take the opportunities.

3/ Just remember - apa kerja yang kita buat ni satu niat kena betulkan ..bukan kita berlagak nak jadi doktor cuma kita niatkan segala kerja kita untuk ibadah , then i rasa kita akan enjoy kerja kita more..


Chen said...

all the best! hope u enjoy ur student years.

unveiled evil plan to get famous && take over the world said...

what a statement!

bak kata peribahasa melayu

"kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga" '))

ure the pioneer group, its just toooo amazing kn kn kn?

he/she tu knl sgt ke dengan dr.edwin tu?

""else u comeback to malaysia just like pain in the ass bro""

wht the hell is that supposed to mean? heh.

raa rs kn abg han, muss ni mcm 1 company je ngn "mb" tu. hahaha.


gdluck for yr final exam and dnt bother to think abt ths stupid statement. =)

Moonlite said...

hai hannan.. my 1st comment 4 u.. :P

what a sarcastic comment lorrr..
takkan la sbb sorang yg membuat hal org lain plak jd bahan.. anyway...
mmg bagus memberi nasihat/peringatan/teguran atau sekadar pandangan.. tp jgn ar sampai membuat org rasa sgt hina.. duwhhhhh.. tah hape2 lah..

anyway my uncle pon doctor jugek, majoring in neuro bahagian otak ke ape tah, tataw lah..
now dia keje kat ireland.. mmg sgt susah tgk dia studi dulu2 n masa dia keje di malaysia.. lg2 masa jd doktor fresh kat gh.. asyik nye lah on call n so on..
be tough bro! gd luck then.. :)

She's The One said...

dia dengki kot...
anyway good luckkk dlm ape2 hal nan..buat donno jerrrrr :)

twisteD_anGeL said...

hey hannan..

tula..i hate it when people judging myself from the very least they saw about me.and so u are a medic student,is it necessary u have to be nerdy?tulis blog pon pasal study je.duh~

kat sini pon,mostly people amek critical course la cam bio,physics,maths and banyak lagi sbenanye.tibe je tang i,amek multimedia computing.they assume my life was hell easy.and my purpose of studying here just for the sake of poya2,ngabeskan duit krajaan(to the extend i rase gile inferior).hellooo ive got java to think of okay?not to say computer animation lagi..okay sory,da nag tak pepasal plak.hahah..tapi this kind of thing memang pissed me off tau.

so,what i can say is,they can say whatever they want to say,its us to determine who we want to be,rite?


f_mgh said...

salaam 2all esp Hannan my nephew namesake and twisted_angel,

In Hannan's case, I quite agree with Dr Fariz, and you pray bro to get a specialist like him and u'll breathe heaven's air. Actually, I too have heard grouses about under-performing doctors and critics relate them to certain universities. So, when a doctor makes a mistake, it seems people have a tendency to blame grads from the same uni as him, especially if that particular uni is quite new or unheard-of. This is generally common in peoples' mentality.

There are also cases of wrong or even fatal prescriptions involving doctors who grad from more familiar unis. But, more often than not, those unis are not associated with questinable quality the abovesaid doctors have shown.

Ironic isn't it?

So Hannan, pls don't take all those nasty comments with a pinch of salt ok. There are still many good and tolerant doctors out there like dr fariz who don't simply insult HO's because of ignorance or mistakes. Talking about mistake, there can be common mistake, mutual mistake or unilateral mistake. That's what Law of Contract teaches us lah. If you get drfariz, then u shd be grateful, and if he goes awry or askew just let me know coz I KNOW HIS SOFT SPOT NGEEEE. Tul tak aina? Sekian, timacih.

And twisted angel, what u r studying now is very crucial to Malaysia's progress towards becoming a fully developed status by 2020; all the more crucial given the current uncertainties in the global economy and local political landscape. Ur contribution in ICT to Malaysia is as important as is hannan's in medicine.

You both are worth your salt (salt lagiii), meaning useful and important lah, if not Govt wouldn't have sent u both where u r now ie JPA-recognised place.

All the best to adik2 suma. Keep ur smiles from Russia shine.

Witty Angel said...

erk asal tetibe ade my name mentioned here?hehehee..:P...anyway hannan dont worry..u r going to be a great doctor soonn...!!!!

f_mgh said...

eh, ada mention yek? Lallalaalaala

aini hanan said...

i got an inside story from a doctor who's currently working in hosp alor star. turns out that this is just hospital politics so there's nothing to be worried about. in fact according to the doc, edwin is a good doc, and good to the patients. kesian edwin. huhu.

nway, good luck hannan!

Wahidah said...

dont bother bout the sarcastic comment dude...good luck hannan...chayo2...

mummysyafie said...

"and here we are studying in Russian Language instead of english"

tats mean nan leh bahasa rusia ke nan?