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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Champions League Final - fan fest Kremlin

The heat of the champions league final in moscow this year is really streaming up! Rite now , at the red square in moscow, the fan festival has started! Yup, at the Kremlin itself! How cool is that rite. I'm planning to go there tomorrow. The fan fest at the red square will be going on until the d-day! It's the first time of the champions league history , 2 english team meet each other at the final. I just can't wait to see who's gonna have the last laugh!
This is the stadium for the final match. The luzhniky stadium. Located near the sportiznaya metro! The full capacity of this stadium is 80,000 seats, but due to the security reason, the seats is limited to 60,000 for this final match. How i wish I have the ticket to watch the final game! Nevertheless, even thou I wont be attending the match at the stadium - most likely I'll be watching the match at the fan fest , with the big screen. Kremlin gonna be my destination ! Yeah, let's watch the final at the kremlin!

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mummysyafie said...

"luzhniky" tu kalau sebut lush-ni-ki lah kan..maklum lidah melayu