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Monday, May 19, 2008

Swan Lake

This white building The State Kremlin Palace (Russian: Государственный Кремлёвский Дворец), formerly and unofficially still better known as the Kremlin Palace of Congresses (Кремлёвский Дворец съездов), is a large modern building inside the Moscow Kremlin. Yes, it's inside the kremlin itself. It's has a big hall/ theater that can fit 6000 ppl at the same time.

This is the place we went yesterday to watch the ballet - the famous ballet - Swan Lake. This famous ballet is created by Tchaikovsky. I'm sure this name sound pretty familiar. Yeah, he's the famous russian composer... u know.. that guy who was good in piano and whatsoever.

Am I a big fan of the ballet and classical theater ? Well, that what I wrote on my resume. But the ugly fact is - I dont know how to appreciate this kind of art :P It's like how most ladies ( and some guys) who didnt know how to appreciate football - that's how much I dont understand classic musical play. Nevertheless, since this SWAN LAKE is a very famous ballet - I braced myself to go and watch it for the first time.

Technically, it was prohibited to take photos during the play , but I saw a lot of russians were busy with their cameras as soon as the show started, therefore , I did the same thing to make sure I didnt sleep too much. These 2 photos are some of my end result of that day ... not bad huh using an old compact digicam. Shida was really into the show, she didnt even blinked once during the play!!!! But I was better, I didnt even move my eyes at all - coz I was sleeping!

Nonetheless, for those art-lovers, the Swan Lake is such an amazing performance. Actually I was sleeping mostly during the prince and the joker were dancing. But, when the swan ( the girls ) started to dance - I was back into life again. Those swans are really pretty! hahahaha.....

Yesterday was my 2nd theater ever in moscow. The 1st one was The Cats! But, the swan lake is different , it's the classical - made by the famous tchaikovsky. The only thing in common that I found in those 2 plays is - I slept during both shows :P

This is the entrance into the Kremlin. Yup, the security was pretty tough considering the theater itself is located inside the kremlin. So, technically speaking - u can sneak inside the kremlin thru this gate.
This is the musical team for the SWAN Lake ballet. I went to the front stage during the break of the play to see these ppl who has been playing live music thru out the show.
Happy face after a long good rest inside the theater :) U see that yellow building behind me? That's the president's office. The white line is the limit for the public.

Yeah, another lovely weekend . Not many weekend left for me in moscow. Already made plans for coming weekends.... Weekday is for study, weekend is to enjoy. That's my current schedule until the day I left moscow!


pearlEJ said...

baru nk tanya syok ker tak, dh tido lak.. huhuu..

faizabelle79 said...

hehehheh...ko tdo rupanya Hanan..adoi..sayang tu..bukan senang nak tengok benda2 swans nari2 camtu kat msia..tul x?

CT DALILAH said...

u slept? damn rugi!!! i remember as little girl, slalu koya nk menari balet n swan lake was n still is my fav hehe

mummysyafie said...

dah nama nyer lelaki..lelaki gak ler..nampak pompuan terus celik mata yer nan