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Friday, May 23, 2008


Lovely day even thou it has been raining since morning till evening. Maybe it's the tears of the chelsea fan. Get a grip will ya? The season is over and Man Utd is a clear winner. Be a gentleman and salute the champ!

It has been a quite day for me. A quite celebration day since my outdoor plan has been cancelled. Supposed to go out and play basketball - but the gloomy rainy weather stopped us. Not a good idea to go out during kind of weather - could easily get infected by flu especially. Hopefully the sunny and warm weather will be back soon enuf - therefore my weekend plan no need any reschedule.
me and zak were "karaoke-ing" at the CPL festival at the Playstation booth. We drawed quite a number of crowd to the booth ... hahahaha...
ameer managed to capture this photo when I was singing. The girl beside shida was singing along with me ... hahah... good times :) In the future , I would tell my grandchildren - " ur grandpa once sang his heart out at the red square ! "

Tomorrow gonna be quite a busy day for me. Need to run to the hospital early in the morning to get my credit. Then, need to rush to the library to get some books my coming final exam.. then.. maybe if the weather is fine - join the bbq.

My football fever is pretty much over until the next season starts. Not really interested in the coming Euro Cup since my fav team -England , failed to qualify! The best thing about watching football is - to tease the loser's fan! That's the beauty of the game. However, the teasing has its limit and in the end of the day - it's just a game. U can do a naked dance if ur team win , but u need to be smart at the same time. It might backfire! However , if u are a man utd fan - u need no worry coz man utd is the best team !

I love futbal. It does come to my mind - since it's impossible for me to be a pro football player, maybe I just do what Abramovich did. Well, obviously I dont have that much money. However , should I have some money , I would love to buy a local Malaysian Club , for example - Kelantan. Then, bring all the ex- famous player ( it's more logical! ) for example - Andy Cole and Yorke. Even thou these players maybe not the best in the field - they could attract the crowd which is very important for the revenue! At the same time , they could help improving the skills and technique of the local players. It's a win win situation. The fans get to watch the world class futbal everyweek , the owners of the clubs could make a lot money and maybe the Malaysian football team could start winning ! Well... that's just one of my sky high drem...... the world - it's all about money!


Anonymous said...

amboi3...ada peminat nampak..cun lak tuh..heheheheheheh...korang nyanyi lagu aper ek sampaikan gurl tu terikut2 u all nyanyi? :D

eliyashaka said...

"The best thing about watching football is - to tease the loser's fan" <-setujuuu 200%!!

shaka was very disappointed over kekalahan chelsea.he almost want to take leave (emergency leave to be exact..haha) coz he knows his frens (MU fans') will tease him kaw kaw!!!

She's The One said...

wah2...senang atiii ekkk :P
nasib menang..kalo kalahh

Ceera said...

gila ah.. siap celebrate lagi, dush dush dush...

Muss said...

bro look like u enjoy gilaa.... u from moscow university bro???? i like to warn u bro ...there a fellow name Dr Edwin Jude .... the worst ever dr produced by moscow university currently working in alor setar bro...if ur standard is like him ...u better study hard bro... else u comeback to malaysia just like pain in the ass bro other doctors here.

study hard bro ...jangan main main

myfisol said...

now time to study..keh2..gud luck..oh, although I'm a true scouser I'm no fan of England team..for Euro 2008, viva espana & viva italia..

mummysyafie said...

bukan main ko nan..siap menyanyi lagi tu