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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sing A Song ~

Unsuprisingly, the weather gone crazy again this morning. After a few weeks of warm sunny weather , it went down to nearly 0 degree again. Cold windy breeze woke me up around 5 am this morning - the windows was slightly opened and I was nearly frozen on my bed. I locked the window and I saw the thermometer showing it was 2 degree celcious. Well, with the current global warming - I kinda expecting this kind of weather changes. Let's see how long this cold weather will be continuing. Needless to remind here that - technically it's way past winter season and summer is just around the corner here in moscow - and yet , the weather seems to be disagree with that. Therefore, this morning , I had to reopen my winter jacket's box again. Thought that I'd never use them again... Well.. never says never I guess... it might even be snowing again soon :P

They said the whole artic would be gone by 2100. Well... nothing much we can do rite? :P Life goes on! hahaha.. Yeah, enjoy the moment! Yesterday , I bought this baby salmon from the market. They were actually frozen , imported from finland. I was quite amazed that the fishes looked pretty fresh after I thawed them. Even the eyes arent red at all. Cant remember exactly how much it costed me , I reckon around 90rubles ( rm 12 ) for 2 salmons. Which - I considered as damn cheap. However, these fishes are very small - around 20cm long.
After a long thought , I decided to grill the salmons :P Yeah, Jamie Oliver style! A bit of rosemary, thyme , basil - add some extra virgin olive oil - few pinches of salt and black pepper and lemon juice! Wallaaa... 15-20 mins in the oven and ready to be eaten!

It has been a very tiring week for me. But, it's gonna be a long weekend too :P Yes, this friday is the VICTORY DAY. What the heck is the victory day? It was the day when USSR won the war against the Germany during the WW2. It's celebrated on 9th of May every year. It's actually kind of a really special celebration for Russian since some of soldiers who fought the war are still alive and the victory day is like their biggest and the most important annual celebration! Will write more about the victory day later on. Rite now - I need to find my pillows! Yeah, I'm gonna miss my moscow's pillows. I wish I could bring them back to malaysia - but it's as ridiculous as it sounds. But, it would be nice if I could bring back the whole room back to Malaysia.... if only ..

If only ... ... However , I believe - it's time to let go :)


Y u Z z 9071 said...

erm sejuknya kat sana..mesti pucat kuku kaki..

cam sedapnye ikan salmon panggang tu..bilala dpt rasa..

mummysyafie said...

pelik nya nguper ikan tu..

sejuk errr nan..kalau kat obersi tak sejuk tak sah nan..:P

r@tn@ said...

wahhh nk pigi dok kat tpt u...kat sneh panas tak hengat...tak sokaaa..

eih bile balik msia for good? enjoy yourself to the fullest k?

pearlEJ said...

uikkkk... panggang mcm tu jerkk?? saye x pandai mkn ikan panggang2 mcm tu..