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Thursday, November 25, 2010

as time passes by..

As we grow older, technically we should become wiser , more mature and smarter in life.

Nevertheless, it doesn't happen to everyone.

Yes, we expect and older person is wiser than us. That's why in malay proverb there is a thing called " kata orang tua"

but then, as we grow older , we don't go to school anymore.
We don't stay with our parent.
We live on our own.. We decide what we want to be.. What we learn.

When u get ur degree... People around u will stop telling u what to do.

But people are people. We made mistake and we do stupid thing regardless of our age.
And at times , an adult could be very immature.

When u are an's hard to listen to other people advise. Unless the advise come from people who u really respect.

This message goes to me ..

I'm getting old each year. But I always comes out with bad habit or do something immature in my life.
My parent stopped telling me what to do years ago.
There were time I was just drifted aways in my mistakes and errors.
But I was lucky, I have frens who I respected enuf, who is brave enuf to tell me when I need to change.
thank you. I needed the wake up call.

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