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Sunday, November 28, 2010

what's wrong with P1wimax?

lately my wireless connection by P1wimax has been so slow
it reached the " annoying " level
sometimes it reached the " i'll gonna burn the modem" level
it has been raining a lot lately in kota bharu
wondering if the heavy rain has something to do with the slow connection
few weeks back , the connection was super fast
i can download... browse ... happily

 nowdays , it felt like i'm back to the dial up era
i could even hear the sound of " ding ding ding " dialing to get internet connection
u know  ... the mIRC era,,,
u just simple chat with people u dont know..
then the first line would be .. " a/s/l  please "

no such thing as sending photo while chatting
u had to send ur photo via email
and during that time , not everyone has photo stored inside their PC
back then digital camera just came into picture..
the best resolution was 640x480 and that already costed nearly rm2000
but those are history
now i want my superfast broadband internet connection


DrSatriaN said...

Try Celcom Broadband. I am quite satisfied so far. :)

hames said...

streamix is better... :)