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Friday, November 19, 2010

selamat hari raya aidil adha

hye guys
again , for a thousand times ,
i'm so sorry for the long absence
i was gone for a while from this virtual blog
God knows how much i want to update my blog everyday
but i could not..

Selamat hari raya aidil adha for all my muslim readers,
i was lucky , again managed to get a few days off during this meaningful celebration
2 years ago , i was working at the labour room during raya haji
1 year ago , i could only reached home as the time people were done with the raya prayer
this year , i was at home .. i m so glad
furthermore , we in kelantan got 2 days off for hari raya haji
so it was quite a long break for me

my family "korban kan" a cow for this year raya haji
everyone was at home for the slaughtering event.
definitely i wasnt the one who slaughter the cow...
still not good enuf i reckon
and yes , in the photo above i was holding the cow's head
hopefully not offending anyone!
next year we are looking foward to get a camel for the qurban

hari raya qurban isnt about the cow or the camel after all ..
it's a symbolic of letting go something meaningful for other people who needs it more
it's about giving ...
it's about being unselfish
it's about other people ... who are more unfortunate than us
it's about being grateful for what we have..
and it's also a reminder for us ...

in life , we have to learn to sacrifice our need in order to make other people happy
we have to sacrifice our time to make other healthy
as a doctor , i sacrifice a lot of my time treating people
i sacrifice my public holiday , i sacrifice my weekends..

we all make our sacrifices ..
my parent sacrifices a lot for me ...
to make who i am rite now...
i thank u  mama and papa
i thank u God...


akie said...

Syukurlah akhirnye dapat juga beraya haji di rumah.. dengar2 kalau raya haji kt kelantan memang meriah..
saye pulak tahun ni masok ke-4 kali raye kt jakarta, n tahun ni malas nk g sambut kt kedutaan..

"MULAN" said...