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Monday, November 22, 2010

amazingly irritating

there are moments in ur life when u felt everything is just wrong
every single thing irritates u
yes , that crazy feeling..
u feel like flying far far away from the community
just go somewhere where u dont have to deal with annoying human being

we loved people , and at the same time , we hated people too
we dislike the attitude , the presentation
u wish those people u dislike never exist
but those people always running in front of u.

i m not saying that i have someone who are close to me whom i hated that much rite now
i'm just talking in general 
u know ,
those people

such as driver who drives slowly on the right side of the road ...
dont they ever read the sign " lorong memotong di sebelah kanan"???
i hated those people

the taxi drivers who turned left without giving signal first
just simply turn left to pick up passenger whenever the wanted 

there a split second moment in your head u just want to shot these people

but then , we all are rational people
we live by the rules
these people exist everyday because there is no clear cut rules to punish people like this

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