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Monday, November 08, 2010

ting tong!

busy weekends
busy weekdays...
gosh.. sorry for the silence for the past few days .. or weeks
i'm very very busy lately
busy as a doctor
busy searching for happiness
busy looking more money
busy with everything

how i wish i'm a baby again
no need to think about everything..
look at umar ( my nephew )
he could be whatever he wants
he could laugh all day.... cry all day..
sleep all day

sometimes, i just felt empty inside
despite of everything..
i felt there is a lot more waiting for me out there
and yet , i couldnt reach it

yes, it sound greedy and ungrateful
but that is just typical me..
i always want the best...
and that makes me crazy...
i always want to be the best
and that give me big headache

i wish i could just follow the flow of my life
but i cant
i cant stand the fact that my friend is driving a ferrari
and yet i'm still struggling to pay my monthly car loan..


-ini diary saye- said...

kekadang kebahagiaan itu di depan mata namun bukan milik kita.. being patient is the only remedy for the upside down life u had... stay strong because at the end of the day hujan akan berhenti dan banjir akan tetap surut... keep your faith high up to sky above.. be happy always.. :)

"MULAN" said...

stay tough & cool...

Tie Tinie said...

Apa jua yang berlaku tabah lah dengan segala cabaran dan dugaan... kebahagiaan harus dicari... bukan hanya dengan menanti ia datang.. selamat berjuang untuk sebuah kebahagiaan... insyallah kebahagiaan itu ada untuk doktor... jgn putus asa untuk mencari kebahagiaan itu.. all the best...

Princess Nur said...

sabar aje la..huhu..

DrSatriaN said...

Once I worked so hard to get money. But I missed everything else & I got depressed. Now, I change my way of thinking. Money, yes it is important but I won't let my life being ruled by money anymore. I will do what I like, even I don't have money..