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Sunday, July 25, 2010

working with kids

working with kids could be very delightful , and at times - they just pushed u to the edge
seriouly, kids can be very annoying..
i make sure that i ate something in the morning before i start working
coz i dont want end up eating those kids instead

not all kids are annoying
some are very cute
especially those age from 2-3 years old..
those who just learning to play and talk
there is a boy age 2 years old in my ward and he's so cute
i usually finished my round at his bed
so could spend a few minutes playing around with him
he reminds me of my own nephew umar,
yes, umar the menace
he's unbearable but he's just totally cute and adoreable

well, tomorrow is just another day at work
the ward is full of sick child
and babies

i pray that all of them will get well and could be discharge from ward as soon as possible

looking foward for a beautiful day tomorrow


mummysyafie said...

nan..ur niece camne? mata dah ok..

Mrs.Sheikh said...

cute cam uncle dia jugaaaa