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Sunday, July 31, 2011

it was never my fault!!!!

how everyone doing?
tomorrow we will start our fasting month
i wish u all the best.
i wish u all - good health  , joy and happiness!

nonetheless , me is at the other end right now
having fever...pharyngitis ...
something is disturbing my throat..
i wish the antibiotic will kill all the bugs away before fasting start tomorrow!

back to my boring life as an anaesthetist..
yes.. we make people sleep well
we make them went thru operation... painlessly and unharmed..
and we had our share of fun too..

the most common cause of surgery ... is self -stupidity..
meaning - caused by human error
and the most common human error is - moto-vehicle accident
who are the prime candidate? mostly the mat rempit..

i'm telling you here.. these mat rempit are really something...
before i put them to deep sleep..
i always asked them.... what happened during the accident..
and the answer would be... " it was not my fault doctor ..."
yes.. that is the most definite answer from the mat rempit...
then they start telling their side of the stories...

" it wasnt my fault doctor... i was riding on the highway at mid nite..
i saw no cars incoming from another side... then i was trying to make u turn in the middle of the highway...
then suddenly a car hit me from the side... buta betul driver kereta tu...."
yes... it wasnt ur fault rite... who the hell do u turn in the middle of a highway????

" it was not my fault doctor... me and a few friends were riding our bikes at night .... and we were not racing doctors ... just plain riding...  i was trying to overtake my friend and my front tyre accidently went up to the air ... i was not trying to do wheelie doctor... some how one of my friend hit my bike while i was accidentally wheelie my bike...":
yeeeeeeeeeeaaaa rite......

everyday i saw these mat rempit... very young age... mostly still in school
but pity them... belum sempat kawin gigi dah tinggal separuh
what a shame...

if u are a parent.. do take care of ur children... make sure they dont end up being of the mat rempit,..
and if u are a mat rempit... if u want to kill urselves.. please dont involve other people...


AFRO117 said...

Salam bro.

I think your definition on iatrogenic is a bit off there. I think what you meant was RTA.

Iatrogenic : Of or relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment

Nonetheless. Keep up posting. Been following your blog ever since I came across redmummy blog (2008 !) =D

And yes happy ramadhan.

Hannan said...

thanks and noted :)