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Thursday, January 09, 2014

laser tattoo removal @ klinik primer kb ( buang tatu )

hot topic of the day!

baru je buat satu prosedur membuang tatu di klinik primer kota bharu
as u can see in the 2nd photo,  i had 1 siamese man came to my clinic for tattoo removal
he got the tattoo a year ago,  and now he regretted it
well. people made mistake in life.
we all do!
anyway , luckily i have the tool to correct this unfortunate mishap

i use Q-switched 1064 / 532nm Nd: YAG Laser  for the removal of tattoos.  It is the gold standard for tattoo removal and recognized as the optimal choice for tattoo removal.

commonly, it takes about 4-5 session to completely remove the tattoo as we can see in the first photo.
the end result is pretty much as good as it can get

currently2 at klinik primer kota bharu , we are having promotion for laser tattoo removal
rm300 per session.
book ur appointment at 09-7489029

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John Dudley said...

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