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Monday, August 12, 2013

dear nia

my beloved hanania shakira

i know it is impossible for u to understand what daddy is trying to tell u here, u are just 1 year and 9 months old. but maybe when u are old enough and smart enough to read and have ur own fb account, u would find this memoir. hopefully fb would last till that moment.

daddy may not be the best dad in the world. how i wish i could be the one. but parenting is hard Nia. it is tiring and exhausting. thanks to ur mom who handle the job a lot and she did well. I m grateful to have ur mom as my wife. could not ask for more. i wish i could spend more time with u, playing with u , walk u around , watch ur favourite cartoon... timmy , mickey mouse, tayo and the bus , pocoyo... i really want to , but daddy is busy working to pay the bills.

then i know u must be wondering , if daddy is working so hard to earn money , why does mommy has to work too.. well, there are a few reason. firstly because mommy loves being a doctor and being a doctor is a noble job. Daddy is a doctor too of course , but daddy deal with not so sick patients. mostly ladies.... ask ur mommy about the detail occay?

anyway Nia, what i am trying to tell u here is, daddy loves u a lot
u means everything to me
u and mommy are the best thing happened to me. yes , daddy also wishes for a lamborghini and ferraris .. but those are worthless without both of u by my sides

there are times i scolded u.. there are times i acted angrily
not because i am mad at u.. it was because i love u so much and i want u to be a great lady in the future, i want u to be a wonderful daugther
i want to be bring out the best in u. i want u to be 10 times better that i do.

well, this would be the first. i know when u grow up.. u will be scolded more often by me.. it is a part of my job. i have to be the fierce one in the family, the bad guy. mommy is the good and loving mom where u go to tell ur story and love life. maybe when u become a teenager u will hate me and refuse to talk to me when i forbid u to go out at night or i grounded u at home while ur frens are hanging out outside ... and that moment when u r sitting alone in ur room, updating ur status .. " I HATE MY DAD SO MUCH> old fashioned dad! " ... then u will find this entry of mine ... and i hope u would understand my action.. then u will come to my room and kiss me good night... i love u so much hanania shakira...
feeling wonderful.


syaz said...

exactly what i wish for my future kids.. very touching, dr han

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