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Friday, December 25, 2009

celebrate the celebration

to all my frens who celebrate x-mas... merry x-mas guys!
hope u all enjoyed the snow at the pavillion kl!

I was in KL yesterday,
yes.. just for a while....
was escorting patient from HKB to HKL...
no big deal
just another day in my life ...

LOTS of ppl asked me why do I work so hard...
does being just a doctor is not enuf?
and I still wanna be more than just a dr?
am I happy with just being a doctor?

Well... I'm happy ..
being a doctor is kinda a part of my childhood dream.
If i just stick to just being a doctor.. I could have a happy simple no hussle life..
Doctor alone is a demanding job... but still there are plenty of free time u could spend with ur family and frens

yes.. I was happy being just a doctor...
until I realized .... my dream wont be fully fullfilled if I am.. just another doctor..

Remember when we were kid....
every boy has a dream to drive a sport car...
in my case.. to drive my own ferrari.
yes... not everyone could achive this dream...

Even if u become rich later in ur life..
by the time u have enuf money to buy a ferrari..
u are already in ur 50-60..
hence.. u opted to buy a coffin instead.
just kidding

anyway, not saying I'll get or buy my ferrari soon.. by doing what i'm doing rite now..
honestly.. it's still an unreachable dream

but then.. who knows, if everything turned out to be great..
I'd have my own ferrari.

I'm happy with my current life.
but then ... I still have goals..
and I need to keep going...
i'm only 25.. and there are million oppurtunities lying ahead of me...

i might be successful.. or i might be bankrupt..
but I'll just keep moving ahead...


MULAN said...

bagus apa, ada impian.. u look chubby sikit doc..!! must be happy there yeah esp wth your lovely family.. happy always..!!

Anonymous said...

waaa..bagus2..azam besar..thanks for the christmas wishes..:)