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Thursday, December 03, 2009

ritual circumcision

this is what i have been doing for the past few days... circumcision... or dalam bahasa melayu ... berkhatan. Never thought that i finally became one of my own nightmare.
u know, when we were kids ( for guys ) the thing we scared the most are "tok mudim"
yup... the word tok mudim itself my some people feel unease ... especially at their groin area.

even me myself.. up until today... i cant watch ppl being circumcised without feeling " wierd" at my penis!
no kidding.

Nonetheless, as a bloody doctor, i must be expert @ this thing... circumcising !
hence, that's what i ve been doing....
now, I'm able to do circumcision by myself.... yeah.. dengan bangganya!
today, I circumcised 3 kids, 3 days ago, about 7 kids became my victim!
... and more to come... ooo yeahh

i'm lovin my job... totally!
i was thinking to lower down my bumblebee..
but then.. in view of current condition of malaysian tarmac...
i better not..
there are holes everywhere.....


pearl'E.J said...

woweeeeee... nmk punai!! ahaaahaha...

ermmm ngeri sket dok tgk terbelah tu.. huhuuu...

Mrs.Sheikh said...

ehh napa nampak punai gitu?
pelik gak kan.. kene tarik ek?
wahhh lepas ni hannan banyak mangsa laaa ni! :D

C!kpuanmuda said...

omg! camtu ke circumcision... ngeri! habis lah my son ;p