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Friday, December 11, 2009

up ...up and to the sky!

in case u all are wondering what the heck is this thing... this is not ur average egg tart or telur dadar or ur pineapple pine... this is how stomach cancer look likes. :)
yummmmmyy isnt it?
let's we all pray to God that our stomach will never be like this one... aminnn
I've been trying to update my blog for the past few days...
i even have a few draft ready
but nothing was completed
there are a lot i want to say here
but i just cant get it out rite now
maybe a later.

I just came back from KL a few days ago
had a long business meeting with my big "brother"
he drives a ferrari
and I also want to drive my own ferrari in the future..
in the nearest future hopefully
and I also dreaming of the title " dato" as he's already a datuk seri
nonetheless... I think I'm on the right way
got few business plan coming up...
we'll see...
we'll see

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