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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

damn u AES

muka cuak tengah memikirkan saman AES

damn u AES
i got 2 AES summons in a month
each time i drive to KL
surely i ll come back with unwanted souvenier from malaysian royal police
huhuh... not funny at all
it's annoying and irritating

seriously for the next election i will go for party that will demolish the AES system
it makes my life such a misery
same goes to other people!


Rosmalina said...

hahahaha, i blame ur speeding habit :p
the apposition will not only demolish the AES system but the entire system. Just my thought

Dr Hannan said...

hehehehe... tunggu nanti u kene saman baru u tau perasaan hati i

WANNY said...

err...correction..saman AES from JPJ not police