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Thursday, November 29, 2012

my eyes

for the past few weeks
i have been working extra hard
yeah , good life doesnt come easy
trust me on that
unless ur dad is a bloody billionaire

for the rest of us..
it is " kais pagi... makan pagi "
no " kais " , means no money

yes i am a workaholic
i work more than 8 hours per day
i bring my work problems at home
i work while i am on holiday
thank goodness my other half has been patient enough with me
i sleep less than 6 hours per day
which is bad for my health
yes i know ,
i wish i could rest more
and i have a lot of speeding ticket
which is not helpful at all
so , these are the dark side of my life right now

but it doesnt end there
i noticed something wrong with eye sight
it becomes blurry at times
definitely shocking
as i remember doing my eyes test  a few weeks ago
and the machine said my eye sight is perfect
but it is not right now
having trouble focusing at times

most probably due to lethargy
yes , i need a break
need a long rest
need to give my body a holiday
hopefully my eyes is occay - physically
just exhausted perhaps
hope for the best
i hate to end up wearing glasses or contact lens
wish i have perfect eye sight forever
amin , ya ALLAH , please save me from all these trouble

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