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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

still on AES , NAJIB please hear me out

Dear minister out there
please get rid of the AES
u are causing a lot of trouble to the Rakyat

AES doesnt really save life
they came out with the 70% less accident caused by the implementation of AES ..
it that possible?
most of the accident caused by lethargy , driving under influence , criminals , illegal racing..
dont tell me driving a bit faster by 10 km/h is the main cause of death on the road
the government is punishing the rakyat really bad with the AES

honestly , i respect the current government
i want them to continue to lead our country
i ll definitely vote for the ruling party right now
but the AES really irritate me
and that little bug could make me change my mind

so please..
people up there
90 percent of rakyat is against AES..
would u listen to us?
and we ll vote for u?

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