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Sunday, December 30, 2012

dear houseman - part 9011

I received a lot of email and messages from houseman
all over malaysia
asking me how to survive housemanship
well , i already answered that question
but still
like it or not
there is no easy way out from housemanship
u have to be patient and smart
u have to keep ur head down
u have to lay low
u have to follow orders
for that 2 years period
u have to be good
in order for u to become a capable doctor in the future

then , once u passed that horrible 2 years period
u are free as a bird
or not
u could continue to suffer hard labour if u still work at the hospital
or u could have a calmer life at the local clinic
it is ur choice
once u choose to be at the small klinik kesihatan
there is no more life saving situation
it is just plain daily life
treating chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetic
doing antenatal check ups
it is a routine job
nothing much
but ur life is pretty much in order
no oncall
no post call stress
and less challenging
to those adrenaline junkie doctors , continue working at the hospital for the rush and life threatening situation!

so yes..
dear housemen
stay put for the first 2 years
it's ur learning period
it's where u will learn a lot of new thing
that's the time when u made a mistake and people cant really blame u
technically u could kill a patient and the court can do nothing about it
u r protected by law!
so enjoy the moment

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