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Monday, December 31, 2012

euthanasia - must read!


not many of us aware of this topic 
why? because it is illegal in our country
the reason i m writing here it is not because i am pro euthanasia
just as a general knowledge to be shared
i came across this issue as i watched the movie " u dont know jack"
last night
the movie is about Dr josh kervokian played by al pacino who practiced euthanasia in michigan USA 

before i go further
what the heck is euthanasia
there are many term , the most famous would be " doctor assisted suicide"
the aim of euthanasia is to end someone life - painlessly and with dignity

Euthanasia is legal in certain state in US and some country in europe
but it is illegal in Malaysia
and it is HARAM in Islam

in places where euthanasia is legal
it is offered and the service is available to terminally ill patients
such as stage 4 cancer patients , patient with severe pain which cannot be relieved by medication and operation.
Patient who has psychiatric disorder are not eligable for euthanasia
euthanasia is done with patient consent 
euthanasia without patient consent is called murder

Dr Josh Kervokian , through out his life had done about 130 euthanasia for different kind of medical causes and reasons.
the public was against him and so does the michigan state
he ended up being jailed for 8 years
he was released on 2007 , and he never regretted doing all those mercy killings

one of the method he used was the lethal injection

when i was in the aneasthesia department .. i am very familiar with the drug used for the lethal injection
basically the drugs used for lethal injection are drugs used to under patient for general anaesthesia before they been cut open .. painlessly
by giving extra dosage... this method should end someone life painlessly
for the lethal injection method
he would use 3 drugs

he starts with intravenous thiopentone to make the patient goes into deep sleep then coma...
after the patient is in coma , he administered the muscle relaxant .. to stop the patient from breathing..
one the patient stops breathing... he will add the xtra dose of pottasium chloride to stop the heart from breathing... then it is the end of that patient life

yesssss... the drugs are available easily in the hospital  , in the operating theater of course.
during the operation.. after we administered the muscle relaxant , we will connect the patient to the ventilator so that the lung will keep breathing :)

technically speaking... the lethal injection method sound painless and easy
but then it is not true
As a muslim.. it was written in hadith.. during our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW was dying.. he felt the extreme pain when the Death angel came to take his life. 
if someone so loved by Allah felt the pain... apa lagi kita manusia biasa kan?



Adie Achim said...

Hi Doc! saya mengikuti blog Doc. Isu-isu yang menarik walaupun ada ketikanya entri peribadi namun menyuntik semangat untuk buat lebih dari apa yang telah dicapai. Well done!

geegee said...

...not many of us aware of this topic
why? because it is illegal in our country...

...Euthanasia is legal in certain state in US and some country in europe
but it is legal in Malaysia
and it is HARAM in Islam...


Your 1st para said euthanasia is illegal in OUR country and your 3rd para stated otherwise where it states it is legal in Malaysia..

From your previous posts, I assume you are a Malaysian, so can you please clarify which one of your statements is right? Legal or illegal in Malaysia?


Dr. Valentine said...

I decline to believe you are a doctor. If you really are a doctor, you WON'T have spelled potassium as POTTASIUM.

Nursyafiqah Hanafiah said...

Actually it is haram or we can do it? I know basically it is haram. But in certain cases it might be necessary to do the mercy killing. Can u please make it clear?