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Monday, December 31, 2012

fullfilled and broken

good bye 2012

another new year resolution is coming
but before i start writing my 2013 resolution
i did flipped back to my january 1st blog entry
where i wrote my 2012 aims
I have to say ... JOB WELL DONE.
tq Almighty Allah for ur blessing
2012 has been great year for me and for my family
a year ago , i would not have thought i have what  i have right now

which make me puzzled
what 2013 has waiting for me?
will 2013 be nice to me? or otherwise? nauzubillah
God has plans for me
and I pray hard to Allah it would be another great year for me

most importantly
i wish for a good health for me and my family
good fortune... great business
loving wife and daugther :)

there were a few bad moments in 2012 which i would not rather mention here
but those pitiful moments are well forgotton

Ya Allah. the Most Gracious , the Most Merciful

forgive all my sins and wrong doings
Thank you for what u have given me
please give me more. A lot more wouldnt hurt
protect me and my family away from trouble , sickness , disease , accidents , bad luck
help me to be a better man , a better husband , a better dad
may baby nia grow up well ,SOLEHAH ,  healthy , prettier
make me closer to You
I pray that by the end of the year i would have my own clinic ( big ameeenn )
and i want to be the cover of men's health or at least Maskulin 
.... if it is not too much to ask... a ferrari maybe God??? a 458 spyder perhaps..



Lady Reen said...

amin. InsyaAllah

Adie Achim said...

Happy New Year 2013.
Amen for your wishlist!

IndaMarya said...

salam kenal.Aunty hopes yr wish will be granted.just found yr blog.Yet to explore..have a gd day young man.

peanut said...

Assalamualaikum Dr Hanan..

peanut here..

i'm the one who asked for consultations on baby with colic..

and again..
i'm writing this to seek for consultation and futher information from you..

this is about my nephew..
he is 5 years old..
healthy, active ...

except for "lactose intolerance"
Dr, colud u tell me what is actually the main cause of this problem

and one more..
for the past 6 month,
we noticed that there is a small bump on his left thigh..
the size is about (duit syiling 10 sen)
you can see the green nerve on the bump surface..

what more worrying is, its getting bigger..
so, we took him to the hospital..
and the doctor suggest to do an operation to remove the bump..
it is called excision biopsy of one thigh pilometric tumor...
and they estimated about 45minutes..

the medical team are going to put him on general anasthesia..

could you explain to me the procedure and is there any side effects or risk?
will he experience any complication, pain or infection right after the operation?

thank you for your concern Dr!
really appreciate it..