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Thursday, December 27, 2012

raising up baby nia - getting a maid

maid story

well . raising up a kid nowadays is very costly
nothing new here
for the past one year
i have hired a maid who comes to my mother's house during office hour
to take care of baby nia
we were lucky as she is a local
and live nearby
everything was fine as my parent want baby nia to stay with them as well
technically speaking, mommy and daddy could go to work everyday
without worrying about nia condition

but then
things are about to change
we have to move again somewhere in the near future
and preparation need to be done 
the grannies will be out of reach
the current local maid is out of reach as well
hence we opted to hire a maid

sending nia to day care or nursery is not a preferable choice
as our work schedule is very much unpredictable

the only logical choice available is to get an indonesian maid
which is very costly right now

to get a maid without working permit..
it would cost around rm6000-rm8000
depending on the agency
then , 
to get the permit from putrajaya
that would cost around rm3000 more
total - about rm10k for a maid

the best of it... 
after spending that rm10000
ur maid could just ran away anytime she wants to
no guarantee from the agency after 3 months period

there are rumours some agency told the maid to run back to them after 3 months period
they are making easy money from that

but then ,
that is the fact we have to face
the money spend could just go to waste if the maid choose to ran away
it is the gamble i have to take
to take care of nia
daddy would pay anything
as long as nia is well 

right now 
i am waiting for the maid to arrive
i am praying hard to ALLAH
that she will stay with us for the rest of her contract with us
at least for 2 years

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