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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Buang anak n community service

I was shocked
Not entirely actually
Malaysian law enforcement sometime is very much laughable

Was reading the newspaper yesterday
A girl who abandoned her child only get 240hours of community service as a punishment

Bloody hell
The sentence given makes "Buang bayi" sounds like Buang sampah tepi jalan.
240 hours is only 10 days

Even people who speeding got severe punishment compared to that

I don't know what the judge was thinking
But it was a ridiculous punishment

More severe punishment should be given to make sure that the public is aware that abandoning ur new born baby is a crime. A serious crime.

240 hours of community service is not enough. The minister must look hard into this matter

The baby could have be found dead
The punishment should be the same as attempted murder


laylie mdnoor said...

lol! i think you are more similar to dr sheikh :)

pB said...

akhir zaman