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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So many things going on

Life has its up and down
We had our happy moment
Now it is a hard time

My mrs is back to work after 3 month leave
Now nia is being taken care of my mom
My mom is not keen for me to take a full time maid to take care of nia
Hence I opted for a maid who comes in the morning everyday to do the house chores
While my mom is nursing baby nia

But then
A very unfortunate events happened
My sister in law broke her hand
Then her daughter ( my niece ) is currently admitted to ward for pneumonia
Since she is not capable to take care of her daughter alone due to her broken arm, her maid stays with her at the hospital

Meaning , my mom is taking care of baby nia plus umar and fatimah
Not good for my mom health

I repeatedly asked my mom to allow me to employ a maid to assist her, a full time maid but she refused

Just hope everything will turn out well

Hopefully baby Maryam will recover from her pneumonia very soon
Nia is missing her sister

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