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Monday, February 20, 2012

Viral fever

Masya Allah
My niece was admitted to ward yesterday due to pneumonia
Surely she got infected thru her sister whom got the infection at the first place from her class mate at the school
That is how easy the disease being transmitted
Just a simple skin contact
Or air to air transmission
And u r screwed

My niece is only 5 month old,
At this age, baby is easily infected bu any airborne disease
I m praying hard to Allah that my baby nia is not infected and please God keep nia away from any disease

Should u have any children who is sick, don't let ur kid go to school
He or she will only cause more trouble by doing so, infecting the classmates

1 comment:

thenunu said...

salam dr hannan, as a moth i really concern about my children esp yang masih baby..lucky that mymother in law yang jaga anak anak,so i dont nhave to send my children to the nursery. i heard so many cases involving pnemonia and hfm disease occured to the children yang duduk nursery :_