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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Human nature

Human nature
Always amuse me

When patients come to doctor
Some of them are in great pain
Some .... Kindly ask doctor to treat their pain as soon as possible
Some.... Well most of the patients , screamed at doctors to take away the pain

Well... Since it is a human nature to errr... We as doctors hardly take it to our heart of our patients bad bahaviour toward us.
Regardless of how rude the patient is we still treat the patient

In the end of the day
Come the irony
As we cure the pain
None of them say thank you to us

And yet
We still keep working
Day in day out

That is why, doctor is such a noble job

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Farah Ikin said... first i tot u r female doc rupenyer doc laki yer...nway Happy Friendship!!